Saturday, September 22, 2007

Big Bro (ICC Profiles)

Don't you even think about messin with my little sis...

Standard Adobe color profile... The one that most web browsers pretend doesn't exist.

Standard RGB color profile... Web browsers also won't see this ICC profile, but it doesn't matter because it mimics the color rendered by the monitor (so to speak)

So, apparently (after a little reading) IE and some other browsers like to discard or ignore the ICC (International Color Consortium) profile embeded in the jpeg you post online. You have to convert to the profile used by web browsers to get pseudo accurate color reproduction between the picture you are editing and the picture that you see on the web browser (when doing a side-by-side comparison on the same monitor). This is done in PS by selecting Edit->Convert to Profile...->Working RGB

I tried to make the differences obvious in the above images (glance at the green in the background). Hope this helps someone...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Double Dub

Another game we all play is "Where is Hayne?"
Walker and Winnie are looking. They just need to look down.

Spotlight on Dub 2

Waylon is the big dog in our house, tipping the scales at 93 lbs.

That is a mighty handsome waddle you got there buddy.

Story time: Sarah wanted a chocolate lab without droopy eyes.
We got a yellow lab with droopy eyes. Ask her if she would want
it any other way now.

He doesn't know how to lay down gracefully. All 93 lbs impact the floor at
exactly the same time. It is a good alarm clock at 3 AM when he re-situates

Ain't he purtee?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Spotlight on Dub 1

This is Walker.
Sarah and I each had to be the handler for one dog during the canine
obedience classes we enrolled our dogs in when they were about 6 months
old. I chose to handle Walker, because he was the less disciplined of the two. Sarah
graciously chose to handle a dog that almost outweighed her (Waylon
couldn't hurt a fly, unless it looked like Walker). We didn't have Winnie back then...
Because I was the handler for Walker, I say Walker is 'my dog' and Sarah says
Waylon is 'her dog' since she was his handler... Probably TMI just then, oh well...

Naturally, Walker is the #1 best (this has nothing to do with the fact
that I am writing this post and Sarah isn't, really it doesn't)...

I mean, he even looks like he is the best.

He even plays like he is the best

He even relaxes like he is the best.

Next time... here comes HAYNE (Spotlight on Dub 2)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


My dogs have at least 22 nicknames a piece, but I will spare you the details. We will go with the most popular nickname...

This is 'double-huh'. It comes from the letter 'W'. We used to call
her Double-ya, and it kinda evolved (although not much).

This is BAB. Pronounced Bob. Really long story but I think I can sum it up like this
Walker -> Wabooper -> Baaaabooper -> BAB
We play a game called 'Anybody seen BAB?'

Hayne hasn't...

He has a stretchy face... Good old boy...